A letter: Brother's love for his younger sister.

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This is a letter written by a boy (who does not have a real sister) to a girl whom he considers his sister since childhood. In a traditional society like India where ancient traditions are still so strong, brother regrets of being away from her sister throughout childhood and even during adolescence.

A letter from a brother...

“When mom and dad don't understand, a sister always will”

Dearest Swati,

At the very beginning of this letter, I would like to wish you a very happy Raksha Bandhan (a festival in India exclusively for brother and sister to celebrate the lovely relationship) and I hope that this festival would bring to you everything that you have dreamed of for a happy and prosperous life. Don’t you think this letter is becoming more like a “formal letter?” what do you say? Yes. Oh! I also think so. I was becoming a little formal. So now onwards... there will be no formality in this letter which is only for my dearest sister.

I don’t know but I feel that at times I become over emotional about my relationships may be because I have always been in hostels and never been with my family and kin. I miss these things when I see people enjoying the life with their parents, brothers and sisters. Though I have been writing dairies about my feelings since my BHU days (while doing Bachelor's degree from a university called Benares Hindu University (BHU), India) but now I don’t write anymore about my life, my favourite people and favourite things. Perhaps, I have never written any letter to you even then I think that I would be able to express my feelings through this letter.

Swati...I always want you to be happy and to be well taken care of. Whenever I remember your adorable face I feel like caring for you. I simply like the way you are. I don’t want you to change. May God keep you always the same as you are today...so caring, loving, adorable and cute. I love everything about you. From your tinkling voice to cute and lovely expressions, from your always cheerful mood to the way you keep everything balanced. I love it all. Your voice gives me courage to tackle the problems in my life and when I am tensed, it gives me a soothing touch. Your voice in a way keeps me going in my life. I thank God for sending me such a cute and beautiful sister to me. I hope that you will never change.

I love you. I always have and always will. Nothing can ever change that. Nothing would make me happier than seeing you always happy. I just need a phone call from you to get myself going. You are a wonderful girl. You have brought great happiness to my life and to the lives of everyone else you have touched. You have so many beautiful qualities. The way you take care of me shows the warmth and gentleness of your heart. If it weren't for you, I never would have learned to care for somebody whom I love. The quote below is for you my dearest sister.

“You are my mirror, shining back at me with a world of possibilities. You are my witness, who sees me at my worst and best, and love me anyway. You are my partner in crime, my midnight companion in doing pranks, someone who know when I am smiling, even in the dark. You are my teacher, my defence attorney, my personal press agent, my councillor and therapist and even my shrink (Physiatrist).”

Let me go in to the past and search the moments that we have shared. Do you remember the days when I used to be a shy boy who was too shy to talk to girls (even with her sister)? I remember those days when I started feeling lack of a sister in my life who could also be my friend. Swati, you might not have felt this but I have always been impressed with your personality. When you were preparing for IIT (an engineering examination conducted in India), I used to call you just to listen to your voice. The same I do even today because your tinkling voice has made my life full with happiness and brought what I had never thought of. Though I have destroyed all memories written in my diaries but the pictures still pass through my memory whenever I think of you.

Swati, I have always thought of spending some time with you but it never happened. Some times because of your busy schedule and sometimes because of societal rules. I do remember those happy days when we had gone to Mamaji’s (maternal uncle's) place. I enjoyed those days with you and Pooja. We had a lot of fun. I remember we met an accident on the road while on a motorbike coming back from the Ramkot (the nearby town). You got bruises and I got my knee wounded. We implored Mamaji (maternal uncle) not to tell this incident to our respective moms. Though Mamaji didn’t tell to my mom and Mausiji (Aunt, Mother's Sister), Arun bhaiya (Bhaiya = brother) came to know somehow from you only when he saw a bruise on your leg.

You had to leave maternal Uncle’s place because you had to go for admission in coaching classes, I missed you a lot then. I remember whenever I used to come home from Benares (a city where the boy studied his Bachelor's and Master's degrees), I used to allot at least some hours to you to sit beside you and talk to you. I would love to do that but then I had to follow the restrictions laid by the family. I had to leave early to the village and you would say “Bhaiya abhi to aaye hai aur abhi jaa rahe hai” (Meaning: Brother, you have just arrived here and you are leaving right now for your home). I wished to stay there and talk to you but I could never sit beside you to have a long conversation.

Now when I feel that I am free of those restrictions (The boy is a PhD student now), I am not able to meet you because I am far away here in UK. But I hope someday we will meet and have a lot of masti (fun) together. Being far away from nearest and dearest sister hurts me but I think we are together even now because our hearts are together.

“There is no better friend than a sister in this world. And there is no better sister than you.”

Love always,



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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
14th Aug 2011 (#)

What a touching letter. I am happy that Swati has a real brother like you and wish aap dono jaldi mile.

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author avatar Tim Crosswell
14th Aug 2011 (#)

Thnaks :)

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author avatar anupriya tyagi
28th Aug 2011 (#)

it a very nice letter..

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author avatar Kur0
27th Nov 2011 (#)

I make me sad and cry ! as the letter is very nice ! almost like my life.. nice bro ! may god bless u

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author avatar Komala
15th Jul 2012 (#)

I felt like crying while reading this letter. I too have a Lovely brother. Now i'm scaring that i going to miss him. Really Swati & U r lovable brothers and sisters...

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author avatar Tim Crosswell
29th Aug 2011 (#)

thanks Anu

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author avatar Dhiya
15th Nov 2011 (#)

That was absolutely the most sweetest n cutest letter...
You have no idea, how much I yearn to have brother as sweet as you... I wish I was your swati... Such lovely lines... Not Mny boys express their love n care for their sisz like this...
buh I am so proud of aditya....
The beginning to the word of lovely bhaiya... :)

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author avatar Tim Crosswell
27th Nov 2011 (#)

Thanks Dhiya ! This is the original letter, I had written to her some 2 years ago perhaps and a copy of it is still preserved somewhere on my desktop. Don't worry you could have such a nice bhaiya soon. Write to me to know more about me if you wish so. Email: aadigeog@gmail.com

Thanks for such a nice comment. See you soon.

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author avatar Ajneesh
21st Nov 2011 (#)

broder and sister

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author avatar Tim Crosswell
27th Nov 2011 (#)

Yes Ajneesh. Broder and sister. Thanks for such a short comment. :)

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author avatar Umesh
2nd Apr 2012 (#)

this shows very good relation.

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author avatar Siva
16th Apr 2012 (#)

very nice lettter., it remembered my sister and made me cry

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author avatar Pallav
6th Jun 2012 (#)

That was really heart touching...
I don't have a sibling so probably this remains a far lit dream for me. Spending my childhood with my sister and grow together and playing the "Big brother", I only wish i could live this life. May be I could live this feeling when I have my own girl child someday..:)
Thanks for writing this blog.

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author avatar Deepika jani
31st Jul 2012 (#)

such a touching letter....
And swati is very lucky to had a brother like you....

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author avatar Prafful
5th Nov 2012 (#)

Just this letter bought a tears in eyes.. As i was going by reading this letter, felt my sister next to me !!!
Thanks a lot !!!

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author avatar Muni sivaram
24th Nov 2012 (#)

really heart touching and gr8....

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author avatar Ranjitha
18th Dec 2012 (#)

seriously swati z so so so lucky to hav a bro lyk aadi.. it ws a heart touchn letter.. i almst hd tears in ma eyes.. i wish evn ma bro has dis sme feelings fr me

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author avatar Chandan
12th Jan 2013 (#)

osuum letter....deeply touched

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author avatar Srinivas
13th Feb 2013 (#)

Yeah i also had one sister but she is not my own birth shes my aunts daughter but i love her most even i didnt love my mother like that because shes my one and only take care of me from my childhood days in her home....so theres no words to think and tell about my sister....that i had how much love on him........when i am in sad mood i think him always that moment theres lot of tears in my eyes even i didnt know my that much tears r coming...in this world i love only my sister first...then only all things...even after my wife and even after my childrens also...when i am telling about this my eyes get reddish because i am in sad mood things my old memories spent with my beloved sister.....

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author avatar Swathi
5th Apr 2013 (#)

I also had a brother his name is jagadish(jagga)..he likes me a lot&i too..he s nt my own brother bt he s lik my own bro&he too trt's me lik his own sistr.. nw a days he s avoidng me i dnt knw why?bt i m sure dat he stil wants me bcz he likes me&care fr me more than all even more than his parents also..i want my brother back..pls brother if i hurtd u or if i did any wrng pls frgve me i want u brother plzz.. its a humble requst frm ur muddu..cme back. Plz.

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author avatar Nitin
26th Jan 2014 (#)

no words to say......just having tears in my eyes reading this.....

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author avatar Xxx
9th Apr 2014 (#)

Excellent or maybe A letter that made me Mad in love for my brother.Really Xllent

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author avatar Shoyam
10th May 2014 (#)

really thiz letter touch my heart, n i really don't know went my tear roll down went i read your letter bro. thank for your loving nature toward ur sister. may God be wit u n shower His blessing upon both of u.

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