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How often have you been in the middle of your day before you realize, you were too busy, to have a proper lunch? With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it is important to follow these essential guidelines to proper nutrition and good eating habits even on the go.
I have been to so many funerals and wakes, that I do not believe in them anymore. I believe in a cheerful acceptance of reality no matter what "bad" or "good" it brings. Because I genuinely feel the best way to approach anything, even life or death is with patience, understanding and ...
A woman expects several qualities from a man or her husband or her boyfriend.
Is it true that for love to last, you've to work on it everyday and spice it up to make it sweeter? If you're sweet and you think you deserve to be loved every day, can you love somebody every day? If so, to avoid love from running out, can you make love every day? If love can't be ma...
Points to take into consideration if we are to live happily with someone else.
This is about those family reunions where member swap war stories, recipes and advice for saving everything from their children to their marriages. No fun intended. No snickering or made to feel uncomfortable in anyway. Were all family, right?
There is a misconception that in order to furnish one's bedroom,one requires a lot of money but that is not the case.
In the good old days when Joint families were the norm, there was shelter and place for all the members and the elder members of the family were given a lot of respect.
Do you know where to find your city or town services? Sometimes we come across services we did not know about.
You would have seen that many people often get sex problems that are really very dangerous. Sex should be always taken as a natural need rather than any other way. Get ready to be more informed.
Parents begin each school year with high anticipation for their child's success. They meet the teachers, visit the classrooms and then they cross their fingers and hope for the best, not knowing for sure what else they can do to have an impact.
The trend is heading towards a record number of students beginning full-time undergraduate courses this autumn. The admissions figures also show the gender gap will be wider than ever. Among UK 18-year-olds, 25.1% of men and 34% of women have taken university places. Compared with thi...
A personalised gift can take many forms, and can range from gift baskets to eCards, as well as everyday items that are made more special through the simple addition of a photograph or written message.
If you are new parents, you must be adjusting to the crazy routines and new schedules revolving around your little one. However, in spite of all the chaos, you still need to find some time and select a striking and beautiful name for your baby boy that will become his identity for the...
Some students learn to read musical notation quickly, but others don't. As a music tutor, I have started experimenting with various methods to help the students who are having difficulty.
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