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It is an interesting story about scarcity of food and how a mom tactically solves the problem. Moms are known for their sacrifice. This is a fitting story in this Month of Mothers.
Sweet corn soup is a summer favourite and can be served hot or cold. Use fresh corn on the cob for the best taste.
This page is about the funniest things I've heard and what my children did, when they were very young. It is designed to help parent's, especially those in difficulty see the funny side of bringing up children.
We all sometimes get tired of hearing a certain thing over and over. In this article I vent my frustration over the incessant noise of a false rapture.
Needy people crave attention and do not always realize they too demanding. It is important to set boundaries if you feel these people are infringing upon your personal time and space. If that does not work, the only recourse might be to disassociate yourself from the person as painful...
Corporal punishment outlawed, but are today's kids really benefitting from this move?
I am one of the few who is terrified of praises. I feel there is difference between complimenting and praising.
OK MUMMIES, I AM GOING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING THAT WILL START SAVING YOU TIME AND SANITY, EACH AND EVERY DAY!!! ** Don't be afraid to give your little one some responsibility, things like picking up their toys, helping to put canned goods into the pantry on grocery day, WILL NOT hurt ...
Introducing! Sow Thistle! From East Texas! I'm ready to tell the tale of the sow thistle and the conundrum it brought into our life's and minds. What a riddle it was indeed.
The child should be given food only at regular intervals, and less frequently as it grows older. It should not be given sweets, or the food of older persons, which it is unable to digest.
The sky is most beautiful in the evening when the stars shine the brightest and some of the planets are visible. Angels are among us and sensing their presents is a wonderful experience too. Celestial Bodies and Heavenly Beings are a blessing we can all feel and see if we only open ou...
With practice these special tips to develop your personal relationship is certain that everything will change for the better. Enjoy every tip and make a difference.
A view through a keyhole of life, love, loss and what comes after. Take a treasured glimpse of one woman's journey encapsulated into one tiny golden nutshell.
There are many false prophets and teachers we see them today that are going around the world, telling people that they cannot be saved unless they belong to their denomination or listen to their one sided way of preaching and are busy in false accusing catholic church or Pope as False...
An introduction to a personal side of myself. I grew up as an adopted and only child. Now in my forties, I am on a journey of healing.
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