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As a little girl, Anastacia Ngure never dreamt of being a wife. And no, she wasn’t against marriage. “I never had the fairytale fantasy. The white gown, the aisle were just not my thing. Sure I was not living to avoid it, but it wasn’t something worth striving for, she explains.
Education is an important part of a person's life.
A selected collection of SMS over the years documented before it fades from the surge of modern and ever changing means of communication.
Real life adventures of city kids who live near a neighborhood park with a pond. The adventures involve pollywogs, bicycles, geese, and parents.
Divorce mediation is a process which is growing increasingly popular for divorcing couples. Depending on the state where the couple is filing for divorce, mediation may be court-mandated or voluntary.
One of the problems that parents seem to be bothered by the most is their kids fighting. This article gives some of the main reasons children fight and tips for preventing and handling the fighting.
People that have grown in such family life that encouraged such lifestyle have stronger family bonds, are more disciplined and has helped them in all sort of paths of life.
Yes it's true that sometimes women can seem very complicated and hard to understand. They pretend too much and they always moan about something. You can be a perfect lover, a perfect partner or a perfect friend but there are some things that can make your life easier. A "small" list o...
Since ancient times a matchmaker’s role in the society has been very important, for he or she is helping create new families.
The day she was born when I first set eyes on her was the happiest and joyful day to be introduce to my granddaughter. I was a proud grandmother. I have spread the news contacting family friends to share with them all that I became a grandmother to a one pound baby girl. Tears of joy,...
In ancient science of astrology, astrologers study the birthchart of Firstchild also, along with parents for signs of siblings. For the science believe most of the relations are just not accidental but a connection from past karma which the birth chart reveals, even if the souls remem...
At first, I thought he was a little goofy guy. However, he would become my mentor to becoming a 1st Sergeant in the Air Force.
We are all aware of the lawsuit brought against Gawker Media by Hulk Hogan. Question: who is the greater violator here? This article publishes my opinion.
Keeping yourself healthy and fit during your entire pregnancy is very important and for this you should be well aware of the changes in both your body and baby. Here you know about the changes in your body and few unpleasant 20 weeks pregnant symptoms that you might face
47 Years of love and all of a sudden tragedy in health, relationship, and faith trounced on, hope tossed aside, love torn in many pieces. Life has become a struggle just to stay together and hold on to my Annie Mae!
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