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This is an account of my volunteering experience, and how this has helped me in my every day life.
Having travelled across many parts of this globe and have seen some interesting homes and each home normally has a person that belongs with it, and that may explain why during the course of our lives we move several times. Generally we move out of our parent's home and into our own pl...
Christmas is fast approaching. As we shop this holiday season at department stores and search out the latest mod fashions, what gifts do you intend to give to your loved ones?
There is a monumental difference between Conservatism and Liberalism. Do you know what it is? This article explains in simple terms the important separation.
Two most heart breaking experiences in my entire life.
An introduction to me, Maggles. I hope you will Begin to get to know me through this summary.
A survey of Church of England clergy brings to mind an episode of a 1980s BBC sitcom and poses some interesting questions
Most pregnant women are caused by a lack of information and knowledge among mothers.
Well, we all know how exactly we want to be loved with care and tenderness. Ask anyone, they can tell you exactly what they wish their partner would be like, or what they wish their partner would do for them. But the real question is, do we know how to love? Do we know exactly what i...
For the last two days Neeta Malhotra has been busy shuttling from one jewellery store to another in Mumbai. Her elder daughter is getting married next year but she's trying to buy as much jewellery as possible for the wedding now.
When a newly married wife gets pregnant in the family. Pregnancy brings the joy of the couple.. Pregnancy following 40(forty weeks) leads to delivery of new born baby. Utmost care are taken to maintain the health of the pregnant so that no harm is caused to the ...
The first of my Wonderful Birth Giver blogs to help unite all moms. Remember the moment you became a Wonderful Birth Giver for the first time? The joy you felt and the fear of the unknown. To the new Wonderful Birth Givers, that feeling never goes away and enjoy it! To all the newly e...
Many couples today face separations. This separation can be the result of a career choice or it can be the result of a military obligation. Nevertheless, all couples must continually work on the relationship, despite the separation, or be prepared to face the demise of what they came ...
The Indian traditional marriage... and the ceremonies involved in it.
In this page we'll discuss the Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome (CSAAS)
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