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I’ve been editing and posting the chapters to my novel of late with the intention of giving the whole thing away after it was pirated from Smashwords by general-ebooks.The events that follow have interrupted my wah as it were. Sometimes life just gets in the way. I put away my sword...
Your encouraging words can lift someone up and help him make it through the day. Your destructive words can cause deep wounds; they may be the weapons that destroy someone’s desire to continue trying-or even their life. It is said, `there is death and life in the power of the tongue...
What are the danger of comparing yourself with others?what happen when you compare yourself with others . All these and other question you may think is what this content is all about.
Here is a story about undying love between two people that will warm your heart
Practicing instrument is greatly beneficial, even if your kids don’t turn out to be a top-notch musician.
Many people today say, "Don't judge me." But, what does the Bible say about judging?
My experience as a teenager and my thoughts and insights of today's teenagers ideas.
My sister was dying and I was grieving. Her final words to me seemed odd, but I later realized what a gift they were.
Our lives are so busy, especially with a baby on the way and we just don't make the time for each other that we used to. Each one of these videos is approximately 10-20 minutes and details a specific, easy-to-follow, massage technique that either of us can perform just to show our mut...
Get the first girl you like to accept you by talking to her the right way.
The word “Karma” is the idea of action or deed. It is comprehended as the entire cycle of cause and effect originated in India and was considered in the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh Religions. In various times, it was repeatedly elaborated in different interpretations but with s...
We have good things, bad things, mediocre things, important things, unimportant things, things that matter to you, things that matter to me, cruel things, merciful things. happy things and sad things. Yes, all kinds of things happen in all the world
It can be difficult to find an unusual theme for your wedding, but an ombre theme is not one that most people think of. Here are some tips on how to create an ombre theme for your wedding.
The plan that was set up so long ago was that Jesus would be the Good Shepherd and the Good Shepherd would give His Life for mankind. Then whoever would believe on Him should not perish but have everlasting life
It means to follow smart ways to save money. These tips and strategies from Buy in budget (an online grocery store) help you to cut grocery price and Save Money on food shopping from online stores
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