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I have written before about those frightening days back in June when I faced and experienced my greatest fear, they were horrible days and was reminded of them when recollecting the worst of times those months ago. Of course these memories may fade, but they can never entirely disappe...
Why Do Religious Zealots Have So Much Trouble With The LGBT Community Adopting Children?
Rejection is an insensitive virus that finds ways of destroying lives in more ways than one, it doesn’t matter how you handle your outer self your inner self has already been damaged and for some, that is the end, unless some form of counseling is found. Anxiety, depression, lonelin...
Adding pleasurable activities to your loved one’s daily life can improve his or her outlook and make the caregiving process go more smoothly.
Dystocia (difficult labor and could not continue) can be caused by inadequate power mother, the fetus is too large, or abnormalities in maternal birth canal (eg too narrow pelvis).
On behalf of all the children whose parents are unemployed or are suffering hardships because of war.
It has been suggested – especially by people of certain religious persuasions – that it is wrong to teach children that life on Earth came about as a result of Evolution, and that the science curriculum should therefore give at least equal billing to Creationism as a valid approac...
"Love Is A Many Splendid Thing" was a hit song in the 1950s and 60s which extolled the human kind of love. There is a higher kind of love that the world does not have and this article tells you.
Many believe in the once-saved-always-saved misconception, but there is more to it.
What does the Bible say about military drafts? What should a Christian do if they are drafted?
The article is about the behaviors of juvenile children. This article is based on a movie story thou it has been expounded for easy understanding. It has come to the notice of many that children who are taken to juvenile courts are naive and mostly innocent. The article explains how J...
SandBiz is the creator and manufacturer of Sand Hole and Sand-Toss beach games. These are perfect beach party games which can be folded, rolled and stored in your beach bag.
Donning the role of a mother is not a piece of cake as many would think. It demands you to have perseverance and patience to become a best mom in the long run.
Online Learning has become very common these days. Thousands of students access the internet regularly seeking help with their study and homework. Here, we share some helpful E learning tools and terms
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