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There were very few women in higher education in the 1960s and even when women did get degrees from the universities they were still payed lower wages than their male counterpart.
My mum always told me that 'parenting does not stop when your children reach 20,' and boy! wasn't she right!
I believe we Christians often have a mistaken idea about what evangelism entails. It does not have to be difficult, drudgery, or scary.
Following SCOTUS' ruling on gay marriage white houses of government across America have been spotlighted with the colors of the rainbow in favor of the "gay" element. Is this good? Read this article for the answer.
Children often become the bone of contention in Indian divorce cases. Cases prolong. One of the judges has recently come up with a proposal to let parents have joint custody rather than letting only one of the parent get whole and sole rights on the child. The fine print is not yet ou...
a person usually has three images - his/her reality, projection and perception of another person. This does not allow any harmonious relationships of the person unless he/she harmonizes within him/herself.
You need to work hard in order to keep your relationship afloat, and it is not something you want to bother yourself, but you should.
You probably have at least one friend whose home is always flawlessly clean no matter when you drop by. There are no clothes scattered around the house, no dust on the shelves or somewhere else.
She was my favorite teacher. Yet, when I was in trouble I lied my way out of it.
Charles (Chuck) Colson is a name well known to most people who lived during the 1970's. Colson fell from honor to scandal, which landed him in prison. During this process, his life was changed in another way, which would continue to impact many people even after his death.
If Jesus were here today what would he say about gay marriage? How does Jesus feel about homosexuality? What would Jesus think about allowing homosexuals to get married?
The Peace of God is readily available to those who accept His Son as their Savior. Others may also be able to tap into it for short periods from time to time. Though rather elusive, peace is not extremely difficult to obtain and maintain.
This would let you into some money saving tips on how to work around your budget for your toddlers 1st birthday. Enjoy!
Hollywood Glamour : How our society has forced a change in the idea of celebrity
Today marks the twentieth Anniversary of my grandfather’s death. My grandfather’s passing was very painful for me. I lost my best friend, guardian, protector and guide. My grandfather has missed many great moments in my life. None of these great moments has gone by without me thin...
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