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Are you a pork liver and onions eater? While some folks just give liver the upturned nose – including the cat – done correctly, liver can be good. And believe it or not, I'm pretty good in a kitchen. I just let Janet do most of the cooking since she's better. I know what side my b...
Domestic violence and abuse has far-reaching effect on the new family. Both the partners after being disenchanted with another become violent and create disturbances in the family. They think that domestic violence is the only remedy to bring peace in the family.but the things are ...
America is often touted as being a Christian nation. Is that true? This article clearly defines and names the only Christian nation.
When we have the same spirit of faith that is spoken of by Jesus ~ The Christ ~ we believed, and therefore have we spoken. We also continue to believe. So ~ it behooves us to speak what we believe ~ rather than what we 'feel.' This is so that we might be in position to receive...
Every so often in our Christian walk something doesn't go the way we want and we start to feel discouraged. While this can happen over serious things, it is often the smaller issues that work to leave us wondering where we are going with our Christian walk. Here is some encouragement ...
The family nutrition is very important for families, but not everyone has that privilege. Some live in rural areas and most of that nutrition does not need to go to a negative statistic of ill health.
Orgasm not only enhances the intimate relationship between partners, but also stimulate communication between them.
A good relationship is essential if parents want to influence the choices their children make, especially when they are teens facing peer pressure about issues like drugs, sex and drinking.
An article on trend of sending flowers as gifts and remembrance. Find out more
This section tells about how God never fails in every aspect of our life even, many people are doing wrong and disobeying His command
They keep us company when we're lonely We all love our pets, they keep us company when we're lonely and make up part of our families, and that's why there's nothing more heartbreaking when than when your pet is ill or comes down with a case of the flu.
In the beginning the relationship maybe he is the best man you ever had at this time. But over time, it appears there was some attitudes and actions of men who make women sometimes irritated.
Hypertension can be very dangerous during pregnancy. Here are some suggestions to reduce the risk.
This article is about the tips that I am taking while learning my family history.
Feng shui bedroom is very important because this is time to rest, relax after a tiring working day. Many people have the habit of clothes hangers bedroom door but it was for the wrong cause harm to health.
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