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My wife had surgery...but, people keep asking me how I am doing. Hey, I am just a superhero...
There are many other items that I can do without them. Thus, making my life a lot easier and saving me a lot of money that I'll use for my leisure.
Focusing on Christ in sharing the gospel, remembering our role in the advancement of the gopel
If you are expecting a baby in the coming months, one of the crucial decisions to make is naming the baby. While some parents prefer to go the traditional way, others like to look for the most modern names of the year for their little one.
One can notice everywhere how people are so busy in writing and attacking Catholic Church on the internet, media etc.
Most of the students before crossing their finish line of graduation start thinking about enjoying the happiness of graduation.
Family is the basic unit of the society. It is important that we keep the family ties strong as time goes by.
Good thoughts on a Sunday afternoon occur to many and so should be shared.
This poem describes how I feel about my youngest son and daughter moving so far away to Arizona! It brings me back to the pain of when my son and daughter were kidnapped by their abusive dad. I must step away from the past and look into my heart and soul for the new adventurous me!
Kids school canceled for snow or cold? Kids complaining they are bored sitting inside as there is nothing to do. Surprise them with these activities!
This page is about a spiritual abuse that I witnessed while visiting a church. The congregation was informed they were going to be cursed for the omission of enough money to suit their leader.
A disturbing trend is reducing time parents spend with children.
A quarter of the average workforce could be nearing retirement age in the next five years and this writer questions conventional wisdom in relation to taking fit and active people away from the workforce when they are both willing and able to perform actively. Indeed the UK has recent...
Marzeus cannot believe it - he's only been playing for thirty seconds, and already he can barely breathe! The same goes for Father however. "Let's play only up to three goals", suggests Marzeus. "Let's make that five", says Father.
Here are some ideas that are useful and practical that can easily be implemented in your home. Creating an illusion of space can be easily done by making a few simple and practical changes and additions within your home .
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