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Deuteronomy 5:7 says, "You shall have no other gods before me." So what exactly are "other gods?" If we are to follow this commandment, we must know what they are.
Christian Americans, we need to get the name of Jesus back where it belongs. He alone is God. There is nothing but idol gods regardless what others say. That is why I am calling upon every Christian to pray to Jesus, in the name of Jesus, for the Church of Jesus and for America as wel...
This is not a ghost story, but this is the fact that a cockroach can stir up and running more than one week even though his head is cut. Live without a head may also occur in the lives of believers
The one thing every man learns over the festive season holiday is how little a woman knows about her home.
As I stand here looking at my life it seems that I have come into a desert place, it is hot and dry and there is not water. I feel the sweat pouring down my neck and back. I feel as though I will never get through these difficult times. As I mediate on God's word I come to realize ...
This story was published in my book Picking Up The Pieces: A Woman's Journey and it is a slice out of my youth
Nobody can judge, nobody can tell us how we can be, or how they should behave, each should consider how they behave, and yes we can be strong without fear little.
Desire is a lovely word and Lust is not bad. Maybe the scriptures need a rethink on these two words
If you’re a romantic procrastinator, there’s no better time to share your true feelings than on Valentine’s Day. There will always be the cynics who say it’s a pointless exercise, but I think the world could always do with a bit more loving, and that special someone you care d...
It seems that my priorities have been taken over by a thief...a social media thief that is relentless in its plundering of my life.
About a womb transplant which is giving hope to woman who were born without a womb. For women who otherwise couldn't have children.
Oft heard saying that marriages are made in heaven, are they really?
This page is solely dedicated to my ideas about a "Family". This involves my personal experiences with my family and of course, the lessons I have learned. I hope this too applies to everybody :)
Marital life is losing its value today. Most of the marriages start with a sweet honey moon, but within days it becomes so bitter that they no longer can go further.
This piece covers how to listen to your intuition when meeting someone new and contemplating a relationship.
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