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Glenn Buratti couldn't wait for his birthday party. Nobody showed up. Read how this party was salvaged.
I am a feminist and I have would love to share my opinions and historical articles with you on the topic of women's issues. The following is the introduction of Canadian women who were not considered persons under the law before the 20th Century.
A visit with my dear Ms Jane today gave me much insight to what I already knew.
It is essential for couples to connect on a personal level. Couples should try to remember their partners need reassurance throughout their daily lives.
Christian tradition has it that, when you die, your soul is judged by St Peter before it is permitted to enter Heaven via the Pearly Gates, to which St Peter has the key. The ancient Egyptians had a similar belief, but this took the form of a symbolic ceremony called The Weighing of t...
Just the story of a weird neighbor I grew up close to.
My first GREAT grandchild was born on 27th February, and I would like to introduce her to you. Read on to find out more.
We watch real time movies for time pass and get really excited. We even try to implement all those positive things of movie star in our real life. Though it is difficult , some of the good things can be used in our life. Strange most of the movie stars are just doing what they are pai...
I am good at motivating people while I am involved in a project. But, I am not real accomplished when it comes to handing off the baton.
Many stories of divorce in the family, children less attention and affection of parents. Maybe we ask is there any happiness in the midst of the family?
My mother has 3 children and each child thinks they know mother best.
3 things I practice as a Christian, hope, prayer and dealing with tribulations or mostly difficult times. The tribulations in my life are normally very real and difficult for me but God helps me through them. God will help you too.
Know why I back up Amazonia Rain Forest and all these communities that live there.
Everyone needs to study one way or another. Therefore, education should be consider as a lifelong task.
It is most common that toddler throws tantrums but it would become embarrassing and stressful for the parents to deal with baby tantrum.
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