How do you know if someone is falling in love with you?

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Telltale signs that will help a girl to analyze if a guy is falling in love with her, rather than the thought to crush or crack the guy's head to read his thoughts or torturing the rose petals chanting the endless love saga of "He-loves-me" "He-loves-me-not"!

Tell Tale signs which reveal guy's interest in a girl

• Anything and Everything for his love
• Intent Locked looks on you
• Nicknames
• Twinkle in his eyes
• Surprise
• Cuddly
• Dine with you
• Head over Heels with you
• Instinct of Trust
• He tells you “I love you”
• Green-eyed
• Does not control you
• Talk his way out

Quick Glance to reveal a guy is in love with you

Very complicated question for every girl or a guy right. However, all I can do is to help all those in confusion with certain gestures to see if any person is falling in love with you.

Every one falls in love with someone their heart leaps out for at some point of time in their life. The same happened to me. It is with these gestures, I could find out if I was falling in love with him. I am in relation with someone who loves me more than his life and anything else. Be sure, he is falling in love with you if you see that any of the below signs.

Suppose you are best of friends during your college days. You visit some Craft or art exhibition held in stalls where you do not get ice cream or any other food that you love.

• Does anything and Everything for you

This is quite amusing and crazy fact that further needs some sort of explanation. If you just tell him that you feel like having ice cream, he does not mind walking more than half the mile to get you what you want, then he is falling in love with you. It is better to follow these gestures rather than ending up with rose petals with constant chanting words of earnest love “He-loves-me”, He-loves-me-not”.

• Intent looks Locked on you

Many more telltale signs are still in queue to help a girl know if a guy is falling for her. It can be just sweet little nickname or something which he keeps calling you by just to express his intimacy for you.

• Nickname

You can find out from his looks or those glassy stares he gives you all the time, no matter where you are and who you are with. By these telltales, you can be sure he is falling for you. Many guys ask about the girl to their friends about her whereabouts. This is also a deep sign of falling for the girl.

• Twinkle in his eyes

For sure, if a girl can notice twinkle when a guy is smiling, then he is pleased to have you around and does not want to let you go. Therefore, he captures you with his smile.

• Surprise

If a guy is interested in you, he will keep on giving you gifts. The more he gives, more precious you are for him. This is another strategy to convey that you are special to him.

• Cuddly Time

Guys usually do not prefer cuddly time until and unless they are in love. The moment a guy seems close and intimate with you, share his past or some silly incidents which made him happy, be sure he is in love with you or interested in you.

• Dine with you or take you out for a stroll or a movie

I feel this is the perfect telltale sign to show you that he is interested in pleasing you, want to spend more time with you rather than making himself comfortable in club or any other place to have fun.

• Head over heels

If he is in love with you or head over heels, it is a very good sign of getting together in a relation. By the way he looks at you intently, his sighs when he sees you around or throws one of his quick admiring glance with his glittering smile, you can know whether he is in love with you or not.

• Instinct of Trust

It can be your gut instinct or kind of hunch about a particular person that tells you how far he can trust you and how reliable you are in his eyes. To have perfect relation, trust is the fruit essence of this whole love saga.

• He tells you “I love you”

Men usually do not express their love with words of “I love you” until and unless the guy is in love with some of the other telltale signs I revealed earlier.

• Green-eyed

Making him feel jealous is one of the best ways to know if someone is in love with you. Usually guys are territorial. Therefore, the thought of even letting his so-called considered love of his life talking to another man makes him pissed off, ready to shove the other person down.

• He does not control you

Obsession and love, if you can differentiate between these two, we can conclude if a guy is in love with you or not. First, if someone is pretending as if he is controlling you, then it is pure obsession. On the other side, if he tells you to be yourself and does not impose any kind of restrictions, except not to leave him for others, he is the perfect match and is deeply in love with you.

• Talks his way out

Usually guys never talk when they are upset or in bad mood. However, with the girl he loves, he will be willing to share everything and anything when asked. This is another telltale sign revealing the want of intimacy and sharing his talks.

TellTale Signs

Therefore, Good luck to all those girls or woman in love. Look out for my telltale signs. If you find count of telltale signs match the signs in your guy, then you are happy couple ever after! Rest is anyhow history.


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author avatar wonder
24th Jun 2010 (#)

Good insights,lol.

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author avatar Euphonos
24th Jun 2010 (#)


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author avatar Humza
14th Jan 2011 (#)

wow, Love GURU u had it ALLLLL!
I hope its actually the same way as written and as magical as it seems to be :D
but how can boys decide whether a girl is falling for them or not??
U really need to write on that one as well!!!
thnx for the share

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author avatar Andrea t
21st Nov 2011 (#)

love is so fake its just a word that everybody says but they dont mean it .u think they do but they dont

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author avatar Lynn
22nd Jun 2011 (#)

He has shown me all of the signs you talk about yet he says he isn't looking for a girlfriend or anything serious, and he always worries about me.

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author avatar PROMIISE ALFRED
12th Oct 2011 (#)

Even if the person shows all the signs you talked about, still there are some who claim what they are not and that makes most of the girls not to trust them

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author avatar Andrea t
21st Nov 2011 (#)

i think love is fake and its just a word that everybodys says and they dont mean it why do u think they cheat on u after they tell u they love u

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author avatar Kibibi iddy
5th Mar 2012 (#)

U can do everything to your guy but he/she may cheat, this is habit of someone.

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author avatar Roxy
29th Nov 2012 (#)

What if u have been hurt how can u really trust the next guy is forreal

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author avatar Someone
3rd Jan 2013 (#)

I Did not understand yet that she loves me or not but sometimes she look at me and sometimes she talk to her friend and Indicates me and sometimes when i walk she says to her friend here he is

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author avatar Jean
14th Mar 2013 (#)

I need help telling. There is a guy, about a few years younger than me. He is always trying to be around me, always trying to hag out, always trying to touch me (not in a bad way, like a "flirty" way) and always trying to cuddle, and rest his head on my shoulder when we're together and close, always trying to get clsoe when we lay in bed and he trusts me unconditionally. I think he is in love like crazy, but doesn't realize it yet.

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